What’s in a name?

When my business start taking off I realised I needed a business name so I asked my family for help! To my surprise my daughter came to me with PK Property Solutions and a logo drawn too!! When I asked what PK stood for, she said very matter fact… ‘Princess Katelynn’ and this explains the crown logo!

Sam McAllister

PK Property Solutions is owned and run by Sam McAllister. Sam is a 3rd generation Carpenter with over 15 years’ experience. He has trained in Ireland, Germany and the US.

More about us and our work

We have a selection of videos shown here that explain briefly who we are, and what type of work we do. It gives you a background on the Company and an overview of what we do.

Our Background

Sam speaks about his working experience

Types of Work we do

Working on home extensions, kitchen remodeling, all types of a build

On site Case Study of Large Home Extension

Ongoing extension in a Tallaght: Part 1

Continues the Case Study Extension: Part 2

Ongoing extension in Tallaght: Part 2

Benefits of Spray Insulation: Part 3

Ongoing extension in Tallaght: Part 3

Industry Recognised Associations

Not only must we satisfy our clients but we also as part of our contract with these institutes adhere to strict rules and guidelines. How’s that for transparency.


The symbol of the Guild’s reputation for quality is the Guild logo. Unsuitable applicants, identified by the Guild’s strict vetting procedures, are automatically denied membership. Existing members, who allow their standards to fall, resulting in verified complaints from their customers, are refused permission to continue membership. In this way the Guild plays its part in maintaining the quality standards which protect those who are genuinely working with skill and integrity. Membership of the Guild can be the most important asset in many businesses. It would cost a considerable amount of money for any company to build a comparable reputation for quality with such a strong corporate identification.


NoCowboys.ie allows you to have confidence that there is traceability in respect of people you invite into your home to carry out work. Prior to registration on our web site, we meet prospective members in person and carry out a range of checks. So that our members can be identified, we issue them with unique email addresses and web domain (e.g. Flashelectric.nocowboys.ie). If you engage one of our members then you can be sure that we have vetted and verified them for you. In short – as the name says there are no cowboys around here!