Attic Conversions

What is your attic used for? Storing up old stuff probably, but do you know by going through an attic conversion you can, you can give the attic a facelift and thus increase the value of a property by about 20%? Families that have realized that their attics have so much value if utilized properly and more are converting their attics in order to create more space, as opposed to going through the process of moving out of the place due to lack of space. Furthermore, if work is going on in the attic, it will not be as disruptive as if it were an extension being added to the structure. Before going through the processes of converting your attic, there are some things to put into cognizance, and once you are able to deal with these things, you get a clearer picture about whether the attic can be successfully converted or not. When opting for an attic conversion here are some things to consider:

Usable Space

The first thing is to ascertain if the space is useable and if it can actually be converted. If the roof space is not suitable, then you may not be able to convert the attic. There are building regulations that guide the conversion of attics, and it is important to adhere to these regulations, otherwise converting your attic without paying attention to the regulations and guidelines can attract sanctions and penalties, and it can also affect a resale of the house. When checking to ensure the roof space is suitable enough, three things are taken into consideration:

  • Roof Pitch: this has to do with the roof’s angle, and if the pitch angle is higher, then there is the tendency for the central head height to also be higher
  • Internal Height: You can get this by taking a rule and measuring the height between the ceiling joist and the ridgeboard located at the apex. For the attic to pass the convertibility test, it needs to be about 2,500mm.
  • Footprint: Based on the rule of thumb principle, the minimum internal rule is fixed at about 5,500mm aside, and that also includes the chimney, while the measurement from front to back is fixed at 7,500mm.
  • How will the Space be used?

The moment you are able to identify with the fact that your attic can be converted successfully, the next step is to determine what and you would like to use the converted attic for, and there are different options for that, you could decide to use it as a place of relaxation, a study, a bedroom and bathroom en-suite, a playroom, or a den, etc. You may also decide to use it as a multipurpose room that could be used for different purposes. However, whatever you decide to use the converted attic for, if you decide to include a bathroom, it is important that you take into cognizance a lot of headroom space, to avoid certain types of accidents.

Can I handle the conversion myself?

There are several complications that come with the processes of installing attic conversions, and these processes involve the inclusion of the building regulations and planning department. It is possible to try a DIY attic conversion, but at some point, there is always the need to seek the help of experts to complete it. Hence, if you do not want to get stuck halfway, it is important to contact a professional company that will do a very good job of converting your attic beyond what you expected.

Whose services do I require?

You may need the services of some professionals like PK Property Solution in order to get the best attic conversion you desire. You will require the services of a building surveyor or an architect, and they will help you with designs that fit what you want.

After you have gotten the appropriate drawings and designs for the attic conversions, the next step is to look for a company that can handle attic conversions professionally, and if you find one, the company will go through the processes of preparing the appropriate drawings and going out to obtain the important approvals and permissions needed for the attic conversion.

Now you need to get a builder that is experienced, not just experienced as a builder, but also experienced with attic conversions.

When converting the attic, it is important that you also pay attention to the stairs and access to the attic, the plumbing work of the attic, the insulation that the home as a whole may need due to the improvement, and the entire condition of the roof.

You deserve the best attic conversion, and PK Property Solution can assure you that we deliver nothing but the best. We value our clients dearly and will go to great lengths to ensure that they are not just satisfied with the finished projects, but they are left pleased. The happier the client, the more referrals and recommendations we will get. We are a company that thrives on excellence, which is why at all times we will never do anything to compromise our values, as we seek to build long-term relationships with our clients, and that is why we give them nothing but the best services at all times.

There are so many companies out there offering similar services, but only a handful of them are actually certified, and PK Property Solution is one of the certified ones, as the company is a member of and has been listed under the following:

  • The National Guild of Master Craftsmen An organization created to protect the interests of craftsmen.
  • Proof that the company has been vetted and verified as being able to deliver exceptional services.

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