Kitchen Renovations and Remodel

Are you tired of your kitchen and the way it looks and want a new kitchen? You know you do not have to evacuate your old kitchen or change the home just because you want a new kitchen, you can opt for a more economical option that is effective, and that is by renovating or remodeling the kitchen. One of the most popular rooms in every home that usually requires renovation is the kitchen, and there are a lot of things to put into consideration when carrying out the renovations. Before renovating, it is important to take into consideration the proper planning needed to ensure that the kitchen is properly renovated. Some of the steps to ensure proper planning include:


It is imperative that you understand the project that you about to go into, and doing adequate research is important, as it helps you know the costs of various items, and thus gives you a guideline in deciding what you can get based on affordability. After carrying out research, sometimes it is best to be adequately prepared for miscellaneous expenses; hence, it is recommended that you add about 10% to the budget.


It is not always a good idea to opt for items just because they are cheap, as, in the long run, you spend more when you have to carry out a series of repairs. It is always good to go for quality, and while this does not have to be about the most expensive brand or product, it is possible to get quality products that are also affordable. Hence, go for items that are of high quality, affordable, and functional.


It does not make sense to plan a kitchen renovation without a budget; hence, you should have an estimate of what you intend to spend for the project, that way you have a clear direction about the items you would need to buy. Like earlier mentioned, it is also recommended to add 10% to the proposed budget, as that is important should there be any sudden expense pooping up.

Layout and Design

One of the most practical places in the home is the kitchen, and more than any room, it is highly imperative that a lot of consideration be given to the functionality and practicality of the kitchen layout and design. In doing this, there is the need to pay attention to how the homeowner intends to use the kitchen that helps in factoring the accessibility, and ability to be effectively useful for members of the family. Most times, it is recommended that the stove, refrigerator, and sink are arranged triangularly, as it makes it easy for users to conveniently access these items.

Space and Planning

When you hire a good contractor like us, we will ensure that everything is properly arranged in such a way that safety risks are reduced, however, we also work with the requirements of the clients and will renovate the kitchen to suit their taste and convenience. While planning with the space available, it is important to take the following into consideration:

  • Appliances: It is important to ensure that there is enough floor space around the appliances, to enable the doors open effectively.
  • Counters: Most times, it is recommended that the counter space is about 36”, and that is for the preparation of food, while there should be considerable counter space on either side of the sink.
  • Walkways: In order to reduce congestion and kitchen accidents, it is always good to have a lot of room to allow for the free flow of traffic, as it is important that people are able to walk freely and easily without unnecessary obstructions.

All of the things mentioned above are what we discuss with our clients prior to undertaking kitchen renovation projects. The importance of a well laid out and planned kitchen cannot be overemphasised, and that is why we take cognisance of a lot of parameters, including the tiny details, to ensure that our clients get nothing but the best kitchen renovation service they need.

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Remember your kitchen is the most practical place in your home, and proper care should be given to it to ensure that it is not only safe but allows for free movement while being very practical and functional.